Cubicles With Glass

Cubicles With Glass

At no time in history have cubicles with glass been more popular than they are today. With Covid making it necessary to social distance at the workplace, acrylic glass cubicles from Top Dawg Modular Service are an affordable and convenient way to achieve your goals and meet local mandates. You can protect your workers and your location's visitors by investing in quality cubicles with glass that won't hinder visibility in the same way as solid cubicles. Check out our catalog online to see your savings when you purchase the best used office furniture in Burlingame.

3 Ways to Use Our Cubicles With Glass

1. A lot of office employees are working from home curing Covid; if you're numbered among those who have been asked to work remotely, you may be looking for a way to keep an eye on small children in your home while you enjoy a level of privacy at your home office desk.

Our glass cubicles are ideal for letting kids know that you're on the job and need peace and quiet while you're working; made from durable acrylic glass, they're able to give you an excellent view of what's going on around your home without having to step out of your office or peer around solid cubicles. All of our new and used office cubicles for sale in Burlingame are available to purchase from our Web store; pick up on the savings at Top Dawg Modular Service.

2. Use cubicles with glass to give your customers peace of mind when they interact with your front desk reception staff. Clear acrylic won't hinder communications with your employees but it will go far in telling your customers how much you care about their health. All available glass cubicle lengths offer a 15" height are available in frosted acrylic. Mount screens above a work surface for privacy or below as a modesty panel.

At Top Dawg Modular Service, we believe the best used office furniture stores in Burlingame should be able to provide their online shoppers with quality at affordable prices; we're committed to making sure every furnishing we sell for your home office or workplace is up to your quality standards.

3. Shop our office design company in Burlingame for cubicles with glass to separate employees without closing them off from the rest of the office. Acrylic glass cubicles are an ideal way to safeguard workers during Covid while allowing them to interact with other workers.

When searching for where to buy office cubicles, you'll discover a convenience that comes from shopping at Top Dawg Modular Service. We can offer you customer support to help you achieve your goals when you're in search of a specific type of product.

Browse our entire catalog online or get in touch with us by phone at 1-877-486-7394. Our homepage is an excellent resource for any office manager looking to make a sound investment in quality office furniture that will be around for many years to come.

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